The social network analysis and its contribution to the mapping of scientific production in postgraduate programs


  • Haydée Maria Correia da Silveira Batista Fluminense Federal University – UFF
  • Martius Vicente Rodriguez y Rodriguez Fluminense Federal University – UFF
  • Keren Ane Wandresen Cardoso Fluminense Federal University – UFF
  • Helder Gomes Costa Fluminense Federal University – UFF
  • Ana Claudia Dias Fluminense Federal University – UFF



Knowledge Management, Social Networks, Social Network Analysis, Ucinet


This article aims to identify the contribution that the Social Network Analysis (SNA) can offer to the construction of the scientific production in postgraduate programs in Federal Institutions of Higher Education in Brazil. For that, a qualitative and quantitative analysis of 184 dissertations of a stricto sensu postgraduate program of the Federal Fluminense University, during the period from 2015 to 2016, was carried out, emphasizing its network of relationships focused on knowledge areas and on the respective teachers as counselors, participants and guests of the thesis defenses, using the Ucinet software. Based on the literature review, a detailed analysis of the academic work of these two years was also elaborated based on the data registered in the Capes Platform, Sucupira database and on the website of the Laboratory of Technology, Business Management and Environment of the Fluminense Federal University (LATEC / UFF). The themes of the areas of knowledge, trends, and evolution were also analyzed over the periods studied. It is concluded that the results of this system applied in a case, demonstrated the feasibility of the evaluation of the individual attributes and also of the networks as a whole, offering a comparative of their evolution in these two periods explored, thus demonstrating the valuable contribution of SNA in scientific production. This study revealed, at the time of the research, the construction of a first academic social network in this postgraduate program.


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Correia da Silveira Batista, H. M., Rodriguez y Rodriguez, M. V., Wandresen Cardoso, K. A., Costa, H. G., & Dias, A. C. (2018). The social network analysis and its contribution to the mapping of scientific production in postgraduate programs. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management, 15(2), 330–342.




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