• Jose Francisco Tebaldi de Castro Federal Fluminense University
  • Claudio Benevenuto de Campos Lima Federal Fluminense University
  • Ruben Huamanchumo Gutierrez Federal Fluminense University



Portfolio, Multiple Projects, Integrated Planning, Resource Management


This article provides a better understanding from the literature on the multi-disciplinary processes management and on large critical projects, in multiple environments, in an oil operator. A bibliographic panel was prepared, from a bibliometric research, focusing on portfolio, projects, operations and resources. The analysis of the literature was made from the perspective of integration of processes, taking as fundaments their interdependencies and multidisciplinary aspects. There was no evidence that integration is a reality in processes so large and multi-disciplinary, as well as in multiple environments with large projects. However, good practices were found and they are related to isolated cases. This study identified and separated issues that are inherent to the studied processes, from the ones that are result of poor integration and immaturity of the processes which are of vital importance for the construction of an integrated and multidisciplinary model. This article takes a critical look on how the treatment of such aspects add value through the identification of the interfaces, that are important in organizations that operate in multiple environments projects, together with production operations.


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Author Biographies

Jose Francisco Tebaldi de Castro, Federal Fluminense University

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de Castro, Jose Francisco Tebaldi

like the corresponding author and also the first one.

Claudio Benevenuto de Campos Lima, Federal Fluminense University

Claudio Lima is the well data and information manager at an oil operator company in Brazil. He was ahead of the implementation of Integrated Operations in Pre-Salt. Before that, he was the automation manager with a previous experience like the lifting and flow assurance manager for oil production platforms for many years. Lima is a Chemical Engineer, holds a MBA and MSc in Management Systems at Federal Fluminense University, Brazil. Claudio has 30 years of experience in the petroleum industry and worked in several activities related to formation evaluation, completion, drilling, lifting, flow assurance and automation.

Ruben Huamanchumo Gutierrez, Federal Fluminense University

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Gutierrez, Ruben Huamanchumo


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Lima, Claudio Benevenuto de Campos is the 3rd author.



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de Castro, J. F. T., Lima, C. B. de C., & Gutierrez, R. H. (2015). PROJECTS AND OPERATIONS IN THE OIL AND GAS E&P SEGMENT: A BIBLIOGRAPHIC PANEL. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management, 12(2), 306–320.

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