Academic competition for prototype development


  • Rubens Aguiar Walker Grande Rio University – UNIGRANRIO
  • Ruben Huamanchumo Gutierrez Fluminense Federal University - UFF
  • Marcos dos Santos Military Engineering Institute – IME
  • Natálya Regina Guimarães Pereira Grande Rio University – UNIGRANRIO
  • Marcone Freitas dos Reis Technology Center for the Chemical and Textile Industries, National Service of Industrial Learning - SENAI/CETIQT



Product Development Process, Education, Prototype


The purpose of this article is to describe a development method in academic to designing products by industry management in a competitive and collaborative manner. The focus is to create toys for donation in a competitive project so the students get more involved with the purpose to learn. The developed method was a competition using recycled materials in a sustainable way. The final toys donation creates a delivery to the society, generating added value for the students. The findings are dynamic due to the increase of each semester, obtaining a better academic yield by the combination of theory and practice. The contribution is defined in the delivery of skills to the industry of competitive students for the job market, generating innovation without an expensive research process.


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Author Biography

Natálya Regina Guimarães Pereira, Grande Rio University – UNIGRANRIO

Departamento de Engenharia de Produção, under graduated student




How to Cite

Walker, R. A., Gutierrez, R. H., Santos, M. dos, Pereira, N. R. G., & Reis, M. F. dos. (2018). Academic competition for prototype development. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management, 15(4), 481–489.