Social license to operate – the perspective of professionals from Brazilian extractive companies


  • Marcio Carapeto Silveira Faria Fluminense Federal University – UFF
  • Julio Vieira Neto Fluminense Federal University – UFF
  • Adriane Domingues Quelhas Fluminense Federal University – UFF



Community Relationship, Stakeholder Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social License to Operate, Extractive Industry


Goal: Contribute to the academic literature on the theme social license to operate, of the perception and experience of professionals from Brazilian extractive companies involved in the process.

Design / Methodology / Approach: In-depth interviews with professionals with great experience in community relations processes, evaluating their perception regarding social license to operate, especially with the companies they work.

Results: Two products are presented: a) illustration with a conceptual analysis of the terms related to the social license process to operate; b) basic model of community relationship based on recommendations of the professionals to obtain and maintain the social license to operate and the literature visited.

Limitations of the investigation: the survey heard 12 professionals with extensive experience in the extractive sector in Brazilian companies to understand how companies act and their perceptions regarding Social License to Operate (SLO). However, other important actors, such as communities, Nonprofit Organizations and community leaders were not heard throughout the research, and a corporate vision was presented throughout the article, but only against the literary review.

Practical implications: It presents a consistent picture regarding the behavior of companies in relation to SLO. It allows a better understanding of the relationship of concepts and terms that overlap in company practice and proposes a community relationship management model.

Originality / Value: The research brings an important contribution to the academic literature, when evaluating, from interviews with professionals in the extractive industry involved in the management of community relations, the way Brazilian extractive companies operate in this segment and the understanding with regard to SLO.


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Faria, M. C. S., Neto, J. V., & Quelhas, A. D. (2019). Social license to operate – the perspective of professionals from Brazilian extractive companies. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management, 16(3), 448–461.