Optimization of machining parameters during Drilling by Taguchi based Design of Experiments and Validation by Neural Network


  • Reddy Sreenivasulu rvr&jc college of engineering
  • Chalamalasetti SrinivasaRao andhra university,visakhapatnam,




Drill Thrust, Burr Size, Aluminium 2014 Alloy, Taguchi Design of Experiments, Neural Network


Drilling is a hole making process on machine components at the time of assembly work, which are identify everywhere. In precise applications, quality and accuracy play a wide role. Nowadays’ industries suffer due to the cost incurred during deburring, especially in precise assemblies such as aerospace/aircraft body structures, marine works and automobile industries. Burrs produced during drilling causes dimensional errors, jamming of parts and misalignment. Therefore, deburring operation after drilling is often required. Now, reducing burr size is a serious topic. In this study experiments are conducted by choosing various input parameters selected from previous researchers. The effect of alteration of drill geometry on thrust force and burr size of drilled hole was investigated by the Taguchi design of experiments and found an optimum combination of the most significant input parameters from ANOVA to get optimum reduction in terms of burr size by design expert software. Drill thrust influences more on burr size. The clearance angle of the drill bit causes variation in thrust. The burr height is observed in this study.  These output results are compared with the neural network software @easy NN plus. Finally, it is concluded that by increasing the number of nodes the computational cost increases and the error in nueral network decreases. Good agreement was shown between the predictive model results and the experimental responses.  


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Author Biographies

Reddy Sreenivasulu, rvr&jc college of engineering

Assistant Professor,mechanical engineering

Chalamalasetti SrinivasaRao, andhra university,visakhapatnam,

Professor , Department of Mechanical engineering




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Sreenivasulu, R., & SrinivasaRao, C. (2018). Optimization of machining parameters during Drilling by Taguchi based Design of Experiments and Validation by Neural Network. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management, 15(2), 294–301. https://doi.org/10.14488/BJOPM.2018.v15.n2.a11