Issues and trends on sustainable transportation: the case of Brazilian cities (2003-2010)


  • Marcelo Sampaio Dias Maciel Energy Planning PhD (Coppe / UFRJ). Master of Business Administration (IBMEC-RJ). MBA in Strategic Information Management ( UFRJ ).
  • Úrsula Gomes Rosa Maruyama Master degree in Science, Technology and Education (PPCTE/CEFET-RJ), scientific internship advisor in Innovation studies in Technological Education
  • Antonio Mauricio Castanheira das Neves Associate Professor in Social Psychology Institutional UGF in 1992. Master in Social Psychology from UFRJ. Specialist in Social Psychiatry by ENSP-FIOCRUZ (1984).


Brazilian cities, Greenhouse Gas Emission & local pollution, Energy, Social costs, Sustainable transportation.


Brazilian transport system accounts for negative externalities in terms of energy consumption, carbon dioxide, local pollution emissions, social costs and infrastructure expenditures. These elements results on unsustainable
mobility system. Resources usage is considerable and trend lines depict growing concerns in the following years. Brazilian cities continuous expansion increasing passenger mobility demand as well as social improvements (including C social level group) combined with public transportation low
quality causes exponential increments on external transport system costs. For methodological means, the Brazilian cities case study was based on documental and literature research within public administration in Brazil. Therefore, this paper purpose is to present external costs and urban transportation tendencies in Brazil. Research data states significant growth in public infrastructure expenditures provoked by exaggerated energy consumption in the last years. In conclusion, based on literature and the aforementioned data basis, it can be inferred that sustainable transport system relies on public transportation. Pursuing such scenario will lead Brazilian cities to save relevant amount of financial and natural resources.


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Maciel, M. S. D., Maruyama, Úrsula G. R., & das Neves, A. M. C. (2014). Issues and trends on sustainable transportation: the case of Brazilian cities (2003-2010). Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management, 10(2), 43–56. Retrieved from