Framing Operations and Performance Strategic Management System Design Process


  • Edson Pinheiro Lima PUC-PR
  • Sergio Eduardo Gouvêa Costa, da PUC-PR
  • Jannis Jan Angelis University of Warwick


The increasing competitive pressure resulting from operations activities and market globalization are forcing enterprises to reorient their strategies, operations systems and processes. Specifically, organizations are paying closer attention to the changing nature of operations systems performance, to the point where operations strategic management system used in enterprise performance evaluation becomes the main focus
of redesign projects. This study explores the process rationality behind operations strategy management systems design, taking into account a content definition established by a structural specification of the management system and the integration of life cycle and implementation models. This research proposes a framework that represents reconciliation between research and practice, contributing to the development and test of practical
solutions for operations strategic management system design, implementation and management. The main result is a synthesis of three frameworks that each addresses the design process in different levels: the performance management system life cycle model; the process approach for guiding design and implementation issues; and recommendations that synthesizes the design task. The study also discusses methodological choices in approaching the design, implementation and use of an operations strategic management
system. Doing so, the study develops the discussion on structural and process aspects ofstrategic performance measurement system design.


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Lima, E. P., Costa, da, S. E. G., & Angelis, J. J. (2010). Framing Operations and Performance Strategic Management System Design Process. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management, 5(1), 23–46. Retrieved from