An Approach for Reconfigurable Automated Processes in Agile Manufacturing


  • Marco Antonio Busetti de Paula PUCPR
  • Eduardo Alves Portela Santos PUCPR


This paper presents a project methodology applied to reconfigurable processes in the context of agile manufacturing systems. The proposal methodology consists of a cyclic three-stage development – modeling, synthesis and implementation – until the real system accomplishes the required application, resulting in the project of the automated and integrated system. The present paper details the three stages and describes which steps must be executed on each one of it. Also, the mathematical formalism used in methodology is presented, as a basis for implementation of reconfigurable processes.
To submit to a test and validate the proposal approach, the  methodology is applied to a manufacturing system’s prototype. In the experiment, it is considered that 2 products must be manufactured in different times, demanding the processes can be reconfigurable
in a fast and reliable way.


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