APPLIED Research on Banking Production Planning and Control in the Housing Investment Process


  • Luiz Fernando de Lyra Novaes ABEPRO
  • Sergio Antão Paiva
  • Fabio Matera Barbosa
  • Helaine Coutinho Cardoso
  • Ives Yokoyama de Almeida
  • Thomas Campos Silva de Lyra Novaes Norwegian Business School



Data Envelopment Analysis; Managerial Performance; Simulation; Investment Property Mortgages; Exponential Technology.


Goal: This article presents a PMM - Performance Measurement and Management system which analyzes 72 regional managerial offices (RMO) found on the database of a banking institution. Each of the offices has a portfolio of investments in real estates in Brazil financed by the Banking Institution. The PMM gives diagnosis of the performance of each of these offices through a data mining procedure from the years 2015 to 2017 and suggest on how the worst performing offices can replicate the best performing ones.

Design / Methodology / Approach:  The PMM was designed to estimate an efficient model by Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). Ranks the efficiency of the RMOs and provides managerial solutions with the background information upon which to base decisions.

Practical implications: The design of PMM has the ability to enable the institution of processing a more flexible and dynamic performance management. The practical implications achieved are reported in systematic analysis approach that testify the quality and effectiveness of this PMM modeling in conclusion section at table 8.

Results: The proposed PMM is a new approach paradigm to institution, in the way to set the best results on account of resources available. The current method used per the Institution sets effectiveness targets without accounting the resources spent.

Limitations of the investigation: The restrictions in time and resources did not make possible compare the current organizational method with the proposed PMM. A main question was not answered if the effectiveness RMOs are efficient too, or, vice-versa.

Originality / method value: This article is innovative as it introduces the ability to perform simulations in the DEA environment, principally because its possibility to rearrange the modeling from the evolution of institution performance. Also, the corporate aspect of adopting a universalized methodology for evaluating efficiency.


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Novaes, L. F. de L., Paiva, S. A., Barbosa, F. M., Cardoso, H. C., Almeida, I. Y. de, & Novaes, T. C. S. de L. (2020). APPLIED Research on Banking Production Planning and Control in the Housing Investment Process. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management, 17(1), 1–22.