Information management role in logistics operations

optimization of distribution process in medical supply stores in Lagos State


  • Adedugba Adebayo Caleb University, Ogun State, Nigeria.
  • Olaleke Ogunnaike O. Covenant University (CU), Ogun State, Nigeria.
  • Busola Kehinde E. Covenant University (CU), Ogun State, Nigeria.
  • Daniel Inegbedion Caleb University, Ogun State, Nigeria.



Logistics operations, Information management, Frameworks, Models, Distribution


Goal: Information management frameworks, models, and software’s have the capacity to enhance the competitiveness of logistics operations by maximizing information management. The study objectively examined information management role in logistics operations in medical supply stores.

Methodology: The methodology utilized in this review includes; quantitative philosophy such as smart partial least square(PLS).An aggregate of five hundred and twenty-eight (528) questionnaires were duly completed of the six hundred and fifty-nine (659) administered to various participants.

Results: The Findings based on the statistical outcome shows that maximal product tracking, optimal information transfer, expanded echelons, prompt distribution, and delivery are the indicating roles of information management in logistics operations. It is suggested that medical supply stores utilize information management models, frameworks, and software to aid effective distribution and flow in logistics operations echelons.

Limitations: The limitations to this study is the coverage of post-utilization stage by comparing the expected outcome to the actual outcome after enhancing the information management procedures.

Originality: The study demonstrates its novelty and pertinency by introducing a framework fixated on a comprehensive methodology, as it gives a viewpoint of information management in logistics operations. Thus, information management frameworks in logistics operations are optimized and analysed from the source to the destination. Finally, the development of medical supply stores and their capacity to survive depends on the proficiency of information management.


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